RJ45 Integrated Magnetic

RJ45 Integrated Magnetic


Magcom RJ45 Integreated Magnetic compliant with IEEE 802.3 standard on 10/100M, 1G, 2.5G, 5G and 10G speed Ethernet PHY application.


Design to meet IEEE 802.3 standard Compatible with all Major PHYs apply on 1 Giga bits speed with RoHS peak reflow temperature 260℃ on PIP, or wave solder process 260+/-5℃ for 10 Sec. Standard footprint on most PCB space application

Part No. PortsTypeLEDEMI tab / Latch OP TempNotes Data sheet
RG11884-FA1161 x 1DIP-No/Down0~70℃-
RG11884-FA117-L021 x 1DIPG / YNo/Down0~70℃-
RG11884-FA118-L021 x 1DIPG / YYes/Down0~70℃-
RG11884-FA125-L021 x 1DIPG / YNo/Down0~70℃-
RG11884-FB821-L0M1 x 1DIPG-Y / YNo/Down-40℃~85℃-
RG11884-FA126-L021 x 1DIPG / YYes/Up 0~70℃-
RG14884-FA100-L021 x 4DIPG / YYes/Down0~70℃-
RG14884-FA1041 x 4DIP-Yes/Up 0~70℃-
RG14884-FA104-L021 x 4DIPG / YYes/Up 0~70℃-
RG24884-FA1012 x 4DIP-Yes/Up 0~70℃-
RG11884-FA127-L021 x 1DIPG / YNo/Up0~70℃-
RP11884-FA100-L021 x 1DIPG / YYes/Up 0~70℃PoE at 720mA
RP11884-FA100-L081 x 1DIPG-O / YYes/Up 0~70℃PoE at 720mA
RG11884-FA137-L051 x 1DIPG / GNo/Up0~70℃-
RG11884-FA1381 x 1DIP-No/Down0~70℃-
RG11884-FA1411 x 1DIP-No/Down0~70℃-
RP11887-FB723-L051 x 1DIPG / GNo/Down-40℃~85℃PoE at 720mA
RG11884-FA1431 x 1DIP-No/Up0~70℃Vertical
RP11887-FB723-L081 x 1DIPG / YNo/Down-40℃~85℃PoE at 720mA
RG11884-FE733-L021 x 1DIPG / YNo/Up-40℃~85℃-
RP11887-FB723-L0U1 x 1DIPG-Y / GNo/Down-40℃~85℃PoE at 720mA
RG21884-FA128-L0B2 x 1DIPG-Y / G-YYes/Up & Down0~70℃-
RG21886-FE703-L022 x 1DIPG / YNo/Up & Down-40℃~85℃-
RG21886-FE708-L022 x 1DIPG / YYes/Up & Down-40℃~85℃-