MAGCOM wins the 1st prize of SPE Design Challenge

MAGCOM wins the 1st prize of SPE Design Challenge

Project: Control system for farming via SPE

Magcom presents the closed-loop Single Pair Ethernet (SPE) system aimed at environmental conservation, harnessing the capabilities of SPE for long-distance data transmission, robust connectivity, and efficient energy usage.

Temperature and humidity data can be stored and managed locally and accessed on mobile devices. From a remote location, a mist diffuser (an example of cooler in the field) can be activated manually or automatically when the temperature exceeds a preset limit. This system enhances efficiency and facilitates data-driven decision-making by not only monitoring but also by taking immediate actions.

Based on the game changing technology, the system can be customized to suit various applications in fields such as medicine, infrastructure, plant engineering, surveillance systems, agriculture, and wind energy and so on. Magcom leverages its Discrete Magnetic Technology (DMT®) to carry out your demands for increased automation efficiency and a more sustainable future.