First steps into the Era of SPE


Written by Jon Yeh


To support the growth of streaming services as well as new services related to IOT and Industry 4.0, a fast and stable transmission technology is required.

Fast Ethernet can do the job with a network based on 4 pairs wiring and 1000 Mbps data transmission speed but a new technology, Single Pair Ethernet (SPE) offers specific advantages while fulfilling all requirements.

The roll out of this innovative SPE technology, a real-time data transmission with a lower installation cost, already started. SPE is based on a similar infrastructure as Ethernet however it is combining significant advantages as high speed, stability in transmission, low crosstalk (NEXT) and latency with lower cable weight and easier installation as it uses only one single pair of cable.

Also in the industrial market this technology emerges and gets standardized e.g. via IEC 63171-6 which, as it comes also with features as water-proof, dust-proof and robust, rugged connectivity is a requirement in segments of the Industry 4.0 market as well as the Internet of Things (IoT)market.

SPE comes with PoDL; Power over Data Line making it possible to bring power to the nodes with additional cabling. PoDL is the POE of the SPE world.

PHY companies already started the release ICs required for SPE in an industrial environment making the SPE ecosystem more attractive from energy consumption and material consumption point of view. This, combined with connectivity supported by standards, will guarantee’s SPE quality and stability ad making it a success.

If you are starting new developments today without doubt SPE is the best choice from both technology and economy point of view. For those already having an installed infrastructure based on other Ethernet standards there is no need for replacement as one can simply add extensions based on SPE technology. Magcom offers you a way to upgrade to SPE with innovative products connecting seamlessly with your legacy system.


SPE Ecosystem

Below a selection of products providing customers solutions for early implementation of SPE in mixed environment.

First steps into the Era of SPE
First steps into the Era of SPE
  • Sensor with SPE + PoDL

Compact unit combining sensing with SPE powered via PoDL.

Most probably Industry 5.0 is the next step in the roadmap and SPE plays a leading role in e.g., digital twin technology combining cognitive computing and human intelligence. Networking bridge enables the communication between machines & servers with different types of smart sensors to monitor, diagnose, simulate, predict… to achieve a higher productivity.


  • SPE Bridge to Serial Communication

Small, compact integrated SPE bridge as interface to other network segments.

SPE is believed as the game changer with many advantages for an ideal industry environment. However, while the field is deployed with traditional networks, an innovative approach stops there because the existing I2C, RS-485 or RS-232 are not compatible with SPE.

MAGCOM makes it possible to closes the gap between an idea and reality e.g., an SPE Bridge allowing existing networking protocol to work with SPE, in an economical way.


  • Repeater

A repeater to extend the distance of your network. Break the limit of transmission distance by amplifying the signal with repeaters bringing connectivity to every edge of your network.


  • Line Protector

Protect your expensive equipment and network from damage by hazardous external voltage/spikes.


Magcom has over 20 years of experience in designing & manufacturing magnetics circuits, products, and assemblies. We are devoted to bringing products as discrete magnetics, integrated connectivity, bridges, repeaters, line protectors and sensors as well as other products to make you benefit from SPE.

About the author:

Jon Yeh is a senior R&D engineer respected in the industry and owning many innovative designs both through collaboration with customers as well as through in-depth analyzes of applications. With over 15 years of experience in developing magnetic circuitry, applying materials, and enhancing signal integrity Jon is making a key difference creating advantages for our products and customers.